Integrated content is the

next evolution of marketing!


Integrated Content Marketing brings content marketing resources including lead generation, sales funnel development and social media strategies together in an all-in-one marketing plan easily implemented into any local or cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system creating ease of use in any business. Today more than ever, the customers want to have a conversation with the business. Current businesses utilize content marketing and social media to start the conversation.


Content Marketing


Icon specializes in customer content marketing strategy development and the monetization of social media marketing channels. 


Social Media Marketing


Social media has quickly gained attention as a valuable aspect of developing brand awareness and encourage customer loyalty; however, the use of social media as a marketing tool involves understanding the interworking of what could debatably considered the most advanced marketing systems ever developed.


Take Facebook for instance, Facebook is the most widely used social media site with nearly 1 billion users worldwide, users will commonly enter much of their personal information – where they grew up, where they live now, their age, gender, likes, dislikes, their personality etc.


The most powerful tools in the history of marketing are at your disposal when it comes to narrowing down your marketing efforts to the customer that encompasses the reason your business exists in the first place. The question is, do you have the time and resources to learn how to use them?


Having an effective social media revenue stream requires the execution of the following components: a marketing strategy that encourages customer engagement from their target demographic, increasing fan base, and the cultivation of followers through automated sales funnels with an end goal of increasing sales and customer loyalty.


Strategy Development


Building Followers


Content Generation


Engagement Group Testing


Sales Funnel Development


Customer Retargeting


Consumer Profiling

Graphic Design


One of the most important elements of catching customer’s attention is the way your customer feels when your message is delivered.  Design can have the greatest psychological impact on your clients, and can make or break the first impressions. Poorly thought out graphics can have a damaging impact on your brand in the eye of the consumer.




Web design



Business Consulting


It is no secret that being a business owner requires 24/7 commitment to ensure that customers are happy and the business is profitable.  How much time does that leave for learning new marketing tactics and strategies?


Icon helps to decrease the learning curve of developing new marketing channels and turning them into profitable sales funnels.


It is difficult to stay ahead of the competition without staying up to date with customer buying trends, new business strategies, and development of the market. 


Market Research


Strategy Development


Financial analysis


Statistical Analysis of performance and processes


If these tasks seem daunting, then Icon is here for you. We incorporate new and current marketing strategies into effective customer engagement tactics and design customized lead generation and management techniques.


Icon creates additional layers to your advertising strategy, effective sales pipeline management, and online AB testing capabilities to ensure that every stage leading towards the cultivation of a new customer is providing the highest conversion rates possible, further increasing profit margins by lowering customer acquisition costs.