The Team

Icon was founded by three working professionals that met while working to achieve their Master's Degree in Business Administration. 

Through their education they realized that a key component to company success is the development of customer relationships and the diversification of marketing efforts to reach their target demographic.

Success in business requires keeping up to date with new trends in marketing and the changing needs of customers. Not all business owners have the time or resources to get a higher education, that's were Icon comes in, Icon brings premium business services that give small and medium sized businesses additional tools and resources to connect and increase their customer base.

Justin G. Preston

Justin began his professional career in the music industry. He soon moved from the performance side of the industry into production and marketing. As one of Denver's top talents, his skills in design, production, and marketing were highly sought after. He built his businesses with consistent growth by skillfully managing clients assets, making new profitable connections, and utilizing those connections to the clients benefit. It wasn't long before he gained the attention of legendary Multi-platinum and Gold producer Mark Berry (Think Carly Simon, Duran Duran, Sting) and the late world-renowned violinist Eugene Fodor. When the great recession hit in 2008, Justin felt it was no longer economical to continue in the music industry, at least until the economy had recovered. However, by then he had moved on to his next venture. He then finished his undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and graduated with honors both times. During his time in academia he found his next calling…helping other businesses and individuals avoid the pitfalls of starting a new business and helping to find them success.

Stacey Bibik

Stacey is a Denver native with twenty five years of experience helping small businesses grow sustainably.  Markets include law firms, daycare centers, real estate companies, and manufacturing companies.  As a witness of the change from business-to-consumer to consumer-to-business, marketing strategies must change too.  Understanding the convergence of human psychology and communication behavior is critical today.  Stacey brings the “what works” experience and understands the importance of returning value for every marketing dollar spent, which is what Icon delivers.

Ryan P. Enright

Ryan began his professional career in the credit card processing industry while studying Business in Undergraduate School.  His experience as an employee at a top company and development as a student was valuable experience in professional business development. Upon graduating with honors with a degree in Business Management, Ryan managed the sales funnel development team for a local software company. Ryan also consulted with several small businesses on improving inbound marketing channels including website traffic development and marketing promotions. Ryan graduated with a Master's Degree in Business Administration where he discovered he had a true passion for marketing. Most recently, Ryan redesigned the marketing for an energy efficiency contracting company which included website design, maintenance and online promotion, event coordination/management, and social media development including content generation and follower engagement.

Ryan's true passion is helping employers succeed through understanding the current marketing challenges that business face with connecting to their customers and how consolidation of educational resources and tools can develop all new marketing channels and opportunities for any business.

Icon is a Consulting and Marketing startup founded by three MBA graduates. The founding members, through their past work and business experience identified a need in the business community to provide advanced marketing automation systems for small and medium sized businesses. Icon intends to help businesses learn and apply new marketing strategies, while also offering online sales funnel development services.

Vision Statement

Icon's vision is to “be the leading resource in business and marketing development strategies of the 21st century and beyond.”

Mission Statement

Icon's mission is “To create profitable and sustainable marketing solutions for our customers.”

Value Statement

Icon's values reflect the priorities to the client and the world and are listed as:

Utilize and create the best marketing strategies for our clients.

Stay up to date on new marketing tactics and methods.

Develop marketing training programs based on the needs and resources of our clients

Maintain the highest level of customer service and value for our customers

Promotion of marketing objectives to encourage customer engagement, helping achieve goals.

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